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Receding Hair Line
What Happens
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Armidale runs every Monday, regardless of the weather, at 6:00pm. At this time, the GM calls the rabble to order and asks the hare to give the pack a brief description of the run before sending them on their way.
The run follows a trail which has been marked by the hare using chalk arrows or flour. Most hares have trouble with this concept and the trail is hard to find. Everybody should call "On-on" as loudly as they can whenever they see trail markings. This makes things easier for those running behind.
At various points on the run, you will find checks which are marked with a circle.


A check is a break in the trail, the run can continue in any direction from a check. The first hashers to arrive at a check search for the trail giving the slower runners a chance to catch up and have a bit of a breather.
False trails or on-backs are marked in various ways depending on the hare. They are usually a cross. If you get to one of these, you've come too far and need to turn around and find trail again.
If all goes well, after about an hour everybody arrives back at the start, more or less together.

After the run is out of the way, the serious stuff starts. Hash Cash brings out the beers.


What to Expect at a Run