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Run 1489: 11 October 2010 Anne and Doc, 17 Gordon Street

More dark clouds and more umbrellas as the pack assembled in the Docherty’s driveway. Eight set off south on Arundel then across Rockvale into the new and rapidly expanding new estate on the eastern side. Paul and I were as usual confused by the various dead ends before we emerged back on Rockvale. With rain still holding off the pack headed away from town up the cycleway then into the Rockvale Gardens Estate – still checking out local real estate. Another easement led back to Rockvale where the Bob and Mister joined us. On up hill and so via a rather muddy path to Stoney Ridge Road and a scenic amble west enjoying a quite surprising sunset and great views of Mt Duval. Stoney turned into Arundel and after a sixty minute walk we were back at the hares’ abode. Beers and wine were soon being enjoyed as Doc fired up the BBQ and Bob wrestled (successfully)with the gas heater. Great steaks and snags were consumed as talk turned to effective strategies for dealing with cold callers with which we seem to have been plagued  – before persistent drizzle finally saw the pack head for home. Thanks Anne and Doc.


Run 1490: 18 October 2010, Hemmo, 196 Brown Street

Perfect weather for a change saw a pack of six and one dog gather at Hemmo’s. I opted for a solo walk involving pavements whilst the rest headed further a field reaching – so, I was told  - as far as Queen Elizabeth Drive and also included a visit to a bottle shop on the way back. But they said it was all lovely and their walk lasted an hour so they were in need of a drink. Back at the hare’s abode, Hemmo cooked up loads of different flavoured sausages while the supplies fetched from the bottle shop were consumed as the vagaries of the sporting world including cricket, with the Ashes tour looming, and the Australians domineering form of winning nearly everything in sight at the Delhi Commonwealth Games.

Thanks Hemmo.